"Satat Sampada"  in Hindi means

"Nature Forever"

The foundation of our work is laid on the basic premise that natural resources - land, air, water and forests - must be conserved and sustained in a way that they remain our source of life and prosperity till eternity.

Satat Sampada's mission is to promote solutions such as organic / natural farming and sustainable consumption that protect environment and people's health; and also help tackle climate change.

We grow and collaborate with farmer groups, individuals, civil society organisations and social enterprises to convert conventional farming practices to organic and also provide market linkages. 

Sustainable farming practices, traditional food processing and direct market linkage through our E-commerce brand - Eat Right Basket, strengthen rural livelihoods and prevent distress migration from rural to urban areas.

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Satat Sampada is a noble organisation founded with honest intention to serve the nation and society at large. I wish them good luck.

- Varun singla


My engagement with Satat Sampada has changed my way of looking at farming. It is not just a source of income but a mission to improve people's lives through healthy food.


I am inspired by their commitment. 

- Ram kishan

Professional & agripreneur

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