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Sustainable Agriculture 

Sustainable agriculture practices strike a balance between meeting the food needs of humanity, livelihood of farming community and maintaining ecological diversity.


Our farming techniques are natural and dependent on cow-based products. We motivate farmers to adopt integrated farming practices. By following crop rotation cycle, crop diversity and using cow dung-based products, farmers increase soil fertility, enable soil to retain moisture and enrich soil with bacterial microcosm.


Our Agriculture Extension and Food Processing Centre in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh (a north Indian state) provides training and certification support to farmers. Organic/ Natural Farming, diversifying cropping pattern, rainwater harvesting practices, vermicomposting are some such practices promoted through our centre.


PGS Certification - We promote awareness on Govt. of India’s Organic Certification Programme – PGS India and connect our farmer groups with this certification system. At present we have 6 farmer groups affiliated with PGS India.



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Traditional Food

Just Transition

Marketing of
Safe Food

Climate Adaptation
and Resilience 

Climate Impacts
and Migration

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