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Reviving Traditional Food 

Ayurveda explains how food contributes to overall development of a human body – physically, mentally and emotionally. Our traditional recipes have been extremely scientific, preserving natural goodness of food elements, prepared with love and care for people who consume it. No industrial production of food can match the goodness of homemade handcrafted food items that Indian kitchens have been preparing for centuries. 

We revive such recipes in our unit at Etawah and also support several micro enterprises where committed individuals are introducing natural nutrition rich food easy to be consumed by fast paced urban population.  

Hand pounded daals (pulses), daliya (porridge), cereals and health drinks etc. pickles, murabba, sirka, Indian sweets, are some of the products, developed and promoted by our marketing brand – Eat Right Basket. Such practices engage women, generating livelihood opportunities for them at their native and help them in augmenting their family income. Such scalable models are very useful in establishing livelihood options in villages.

Traditional food systems establish food as the main element of growth of a human body and mind.


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