About Us_ 


"Satat Sampada" in Hindi means "Nature Forever."

As the name suggests, the foundation of the company is laid on the basic idea that we must ensure that natural resources primarily - land, air, water and forests should be conserved and sustained in a way that they remain our source of life and prosperity till eternity.

The world is waking up to the fact that we have been mercilessly exploiting "Mother Earth" - our land, water, air and forests - so much so that the land is becoming infertile and toxic; water resources are drying up and air is becoming poisonous.

Chemical pesticides and fertilizers laden modern farming is making agriculture heavily dependent on market, making it cost intensive. Disasters and erratic weather patterns caused by climate change are adding to the problem. All these factors are pushing farmers to quit agriculture and turn to cities in search of any petty job. Rural economies are crumbling while urban centres are becoming chaotic.

The above premise is the very idea behind establishing Satat Sampada – a social enterprise that aims to promote organic farming, which is resilient to climate change; generate rural livelihoods and make safe food affordable to ALL. This timely step will also help the Mother Earth regain its productivity, recharge its water and help the ecosystem thrive.

Our collective conscience helps us remain truthful to the hundreds of families who trust us and have walked all these miles with us in the journey towards safe and healthy food.

A smile on a mother’s face, blessings that elderly shower, bees and butterflies that rest on our crops, farmers who feel fortunate to be a part of this new age revolution is what keeps us going and there are miles to tread yet.

Let us walk on this path together to make our "Mother Earth" better for our kids and future generations.