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Climate Impacts and Migration

Climate Impacts as Drivers of Migration

Scientists cautioned that we are already reaching limits to many adaptation options. As temperatures increase, the losses and damages are set to rise, this is already forcing millions around the world to leave their homes to eke a living. Governments are yet to put social protection and other humanitarian policies to avert minimize and address climate induced migration. We collaborated with the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) to examine the issue within Asia and formulated policy recommendations.

Satat Sampada through its initiative of organic farming has engaged young farmers and helped them in reviving traditional farming practices that are largely natural and cow based. We procure these products from them and process and market through our marketing arm, thus giving these farmers immediate market with high value. This is helping many youth to take to farming instead of thinking about exploring petty jobs in urban centres.

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PGS Farmers’ Group Training on Preparation of Herbal Pest Repellents


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Traditional Food

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Climate Adaptation
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Climate Impacts
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